Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shortcuts {PSP X2}

With a new baby and running back and forth to preschool, scrapping time is almost nonexistent at my house lately. When I do get time, I try to make the most of it! Shortcuts have become my crutch! I thought I'd share the shortcuts that I use the most with you. They really do make scrapping and designing a lot easier! Here are some of the ones I use most frequently. I use PSP X2, but I know that some of these work in other programs as well.

New=Ctrl + N
Open=Ctrl + O
Save=Crtl + S
Save Copy As=Ctrl + F12
Delete=Ctrl + Del
Undo=Crtl + Z
Cut=Ctrl + X
Copy=Ctrl + C
Paste As New Image=Ctrl + V
Paste as New Layer=Ctrl + L
Paste into Selection=Shift + Ctrl + L
Flip=Ctrl + I
Mirror=Ctrl + M
Rotate=Ctrl + R
Resize=Shift + S
Brightness/Contrast=Shift + B
Colorize=Shift + L
Select=All Ctrl + A
Select=None Ctrl + D
Invert=Shift + Ctrl + I
Promote Layer=Shift + Ctrl + P
New Window=Shift + W
Duplicate=Shift + D

Do you use some that missed the list? Leave a comment and share them! Check back on Monday for a special Holiday surprise! See you then. :)


Paula -- CutieFruity said...

this is a great post, Andrea. I use PSE7, and Use ctrl+T for transform. The ones I use a LOT are ctrl++ for zoom in, ctrl+- for zoom out, and ctrl+0 for fit to screen.

Christin said...

I use PSE7 and use ctrl+z for undo last step. I use this A LOT! :D

Andrea said...

LOL-I use undo A LOT too! Thanks for adding more tips ladies!