Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Speed Scrap Tonight!!!

This one's going to be a little different. There will be a couple of participation prizes. One from Sweet Mesquite, who will be hosting, and one from me. Here are the times: 7PM PST, 8PM MST, 9PM CST, and 10PM EST. Here's a preview of the PP from me:

And for Friday's Speed Scrap, I'll be hosting and providing the participation prize and Sweet Mesquite will be dropping by to chat and to give away some freebies in honor of the grand opening of her new store at Stuff To Scrap! You won't want to miss either Speed Scrap.


Ms Kittie said...

i have never done a speed scrap. how does it work?

Andrea said...

I cheated a little and copied these from the STS forum! Hope it helps explain about Speed Scraps. =)

Here are the rules for the speed scrap.

Starting at the top of the hour, the host will post your first instruction, followed by 1 more instruction every ten minutes through the hour.

At the top of the second hour. The host will post the last instruction and then you'll have 1 additional hour to finish and post your LOs.

Upload your layout to YOUR gallery and link to the SS Gallery using keyword ss.

After the 2nd hour, prizes will not be given out if posted after that time. So keep an eye on the clock, and see what you can do! Prizes are only awarded if you post your layout in the forum before the time is up.

Stuff to Scrap products are not required!

The host will re-cap all the instructions again each time a new instruction is posted.

We do have Chat. So please sign up and get in the chat room at the top of the hour. It's best to right click on Chat to open it in a new window/tab so you can keep the forum open.

The instructions will be posted in the forum and in the chatroom. If for some reason you aren't getting the instructions in the chat room, come check the forum.