Sunday, July 26, 2009

Terms of Use for Dummies!

I really wish that there was one of those books out there for the scrapping world!
I'm gonna try to break down my TOU so that there are no excuses for committing acts of piracy. So, let's see where to start......There should be a copy of my TOU in every download of mine, whether it's a freebie from my blog or a paid kit from my store. Just in case I've forgotten it, there is always a copy at the bottom of my blog. Just scroll all the way down and you'll find it!
Here we go:
1.These images are for PERSONAL use only.-basically means that you can use in scrapbooking for yourself, and it is not to be used to make freebies or kits for sale.
2.These images may NOT be reproduced for sale or redistributed in any way. This includes making freebies. If you'd like to use the images to make freebie qps or templates, please ask my permission first. -Don't give my stuff away or sell it. Plain and simple. Whole kits, or pieces of my kits. Even if it is altered!
3.DO NOT share these images in any form. Send your friends to my blog to download for themselves. -Pretty much the same as above. If it was a freebie, give them a link to my blog for them to snag it for themselves. If it's a paid kit, give them a store link so they can purchase it.
4.DO NOT share download links, instead send people to my blog to download for themselves. -Don't share my 4shared links. You are more than welcome to post a picture of my preview and link it to my blog, but don't link straight to 4shared.
5.You may modify any images (color, size, ect.) for your own personal use. -You can alter my stuff for your personal use...I don't know how it could be more plain.....if you need to recolor a flower for a page that you are doing, go for it! If you want to recolor said flower and package it up in a kit that you 'made', that's a no-no! Please see numbers 1, 2, & 3.
6.You may NOT use these images for obscene, defamatory, immoral works, or any other purpose which is prohibited by law. -Don't do anything horrible w/ my stuff. No porn or hit man adverts.. ;)
7.You may NOT alter these images in any way and claim them as your own. -See number 5. Don't take one, or all of my elements or papers, try to make them unrecognizable and say, "Hey look at this great kit that I made!" Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but claiming the work of others as your own is STEALING!
8.If you use my products to create a layout please give me credit by including the product title and my name. -Very easy, when you post your layouts using my work, just mention the kit name, and my name.
Now, that isn't very hard is it! Another point that I want to mention is that all my things are PU (Personal Use) ONLY unless it is marked otherwise.
ETA: You may use my kits to design templates for your own blog/site, so long as you give me appropriate credits when doing so. Please see #2 w/ questions about making free blogger templates for others.


Mrs. Thompson said...

Couldn't have been stated any better! :-) Thanks!

alison said...

thanks for sharing all your creative work!

Favors With Love said...

Thanks for the help, but how about using them for my own personal/business blog design? Is this allowed?

Rose said...

Having issues?? lol. I don't think the dummies book is necessary, it's pretty cut and dried.

Angi said...

So what you're saying is that the people that buy and use your stuff are DUMMIES???

Honey, you just lost a follower.

If you want to keep people interested, you need to be nice.

Andrea said...

I'm sorry if you feel that way Angi. Obviously you've never came across the 'For Dummies' books that I was referencing in my title, and in the 1st line of my post.

Favors With Love said...

I totally got what you were referring to Andrea! Don't sweat it! :)

I really do have a hard time understanding the TOU, not just yours, all of them. They seem to leave out so much.

Is using them for my own personal/business blog design/layout allowed?

Andrea said...

'Flavors with love', I've modified the post to answer your question. As long as the template is for your blog it is fine. :)

Heather said...

"I really do have a hard time understanding the TOU, not just yours, all of them. They seem to leave out so much."

Same here! LOL. I purchased one of your adorable kits off of youcanmakethis to make my own template and than freaked out that that might not be okay so I am SO glad for your "for dummies" version. LOL
I'll be sure to link you and give you credit for your gorgeous designs!