Friday, September 5, 2008

Problems opening a zip file?

There have been a handful of ladies who have had a problem opening the zip file after they have downloaded it. All of them have been able to get the file to open by extracting to a different location than they were trying the first time. Sorry if you all are having trouble, but I'm not sure what else to suggest. Maybe someone with a little more insight will comment and be of more help. :-)


vana said...

I tried your suggestion and the file "Clubhouse" can not be opened. I would be so, so grateful if someone found a solution. It's a darling kit and so beautifully created. Thanks in advance!

In The Ohio said...

In order to unzip the file, download as usual, but save to your desktop (so you can find it easily). Then create another folder by right clicking mouse > new > folder. Rename this folder with the original name adding the word unzipped or some other change. Double let click on the original file. Click on "Extract all files" on the toolbar. Browse to the unzipped file, click on ok and then extract. Delete orignal file and the fun begins with new elements.